Month: September 2019

Facebook Portal Video Chat Devices

Facebook launched Facebook Portal in November 2018. The Facebook Portal is a video communication device that makes video chatting easier. Facebook portal is a device from Facebook, which makes it easier to connect with friends and family.

These devices focus on video calling and making people the center of the frame. Also, the stylish design makes the devices look more like a photo frame sitting nicely almost anywhere being a fine-looking and smart display until it’s time to make or receive a call.

Facebook portal has four different models:

  • Portal Mini – 8”HD Display
  • Portal – 10”HD Display
  • Portal + – 15.6”HD Display
  • Portal TV – Uses TV screen

Each model has a different aesthetic design, but the main purpose of all the models is video chatting. As well as making people feel like they are in the same room with the person on the other side call.

 Features of Facebook Portal

The core features found in all four models of Facebook portal are:

 Smart Camera And Smart Sound

The AI-powered Smart Camera and Smart Sound Feature in the Facebook Portal recognize people and automatically adjusts to pan and zoom to stay in action with the person while following them around the room. This feature minimizes background noises and enhances the voice of the speaker of the call. The intelligent microphone technology feature includes beamforming that tracks people on the call as it reduces all the environmental noises. 

 Video Calling With Facebook Messenger And Whatsapp

Even if your friends, family, and connections don’t have Portal, you can still video chat with them on their Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp enabled smartphones or tablets. You can also make group calls with up to seven people at the same time. The portal displays your photos and videos when you’re not on call. And when your contacts are available to connect, Portal displays birthday reminders.         

 Built-In Alexa Voice Control

Facebook Portal supports Amazon Alexa as standard. With the voice command, you and see the person at the front door, have a control on your smart home devices, watch the news, listen to music, order groceries, and more. You can stay updated on what’s happening in the world by getting weather and traffic updates, sports scores, and stock markets.

 AR Effects And Story Time

The AR effects make calls fun and interactive. No matter how far away you’re from your friends and family, you can still have fun with them by exploring AR masks and playing games together.

With Story Time, you don’t have to read the story only. Rather, you can be the story’s character while reading it out loud to children. The custom visuals and sound effects bring stories to life with immerse AR effects.

 APPS And Integration

Facebook Portal has apps like Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Food Network, CNN, and more. Portal also has the app and integration so you can enjoy music, games, videos, and news.

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